In St Chad’s Foundation Stage we get to know our children really well and we find out what interests them and motivates them. We then enhance our learning environment to reflect the needs and interests of our class to encourage and support them meet their next steps. When we observe a group of children who share an interest or fascination we start a project based upon that interest. The children lead the learning, deciding what they would like to find out next. We place a very high value on play, where children get to explore, investigate, problem solve and collaborate in a safe and engaging environment. We aim to create a calm and stimulating learning space with a home away from home feel, where children feel valued and secure.


Learning in Nursery this half term


We look forward to another busy and happy half term…

This half term we are welcoming some new children into Nursery. This provides a great opportunity for our existing Nursery children to act as role models, teaching our new starters the rules and routines and helping them find their feet!


In phonics this half term we will be working on identifying the initial sound in a word. We will sort objects according to their initial sounds and work on creating alliterative sentences. We will begin to orally blend sounds together to make words. Another group will continue working on hearing rhyming words, finding rhyming pairs and developing rhyming strings.


In maths this half term we will continue working on understanding, recognising and using numbers. We will work on splitting numbers up into parts to find the numbers ‘inside’ other numbers. We will continue reinforcing counting strategies when counting sets of objects. We will look at mathematical images together and discuss what we notice. In our carpet sessions we will continue looking at 1 more and 1 less and using the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare different sets of objects. In shape, space and measures we will have a focus on 3d shape, also reinforcing our knowledge of 2d shape by describing the faces on the 3d shapes. We will introduce mathematical vocabulary to describe and classify 3d shapes.


In our ‘Talk for Writing’ sessions we will be learning the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ adding actions to help emphasize story language, building on the work we did last term. The children will then adapt the story to create their own stories based upon the structure and vocabulary they learnt.


In RE we will be thinking about special places. Our key question is ‘which places are special and why?’  The children will be encouraged to talk about somewhere that is special to them and to say why. They will also learn to recognise special places for worship.


In project work time we will continue to plan our class picnic, making decisions about when and where we will have it, creating shopping lists then making the food we need for the picnic. We will look at how materials change when heated or frozen as part of the project.


In our outdoor classroom, where we will hopefully enjoy some warmer weather, we will continue to develop confidence in using tools as well as using rocks and hammers to create natural prints from leaves and flowers. (Hapazome)


As physical skills develop we will have a focus on writing our name, forming the letters correctly and developing a confident and comfortable pencil grip. We will continue to develop our gross motor skills, lifting and carrying, climbing and exploring in our outside classroom.


In other areas of provision, we will be exploring powder paints, learning how to use them independently, observing and discussing the changes they see as water is added to paint. (I apologise in advance for any painty clothing!)


In music we will be using ‘Bamboo Tamboo’ to create sounds and to copy rhythms and accompany our beautiful singing!

Meet the staff

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