Learning in Year 3 this half term:


This half term we will embark on another History topic - Celts and Romans. We are really looking forward to our Day at Murton Park on the 22nd January where we will have the opportunity to spend the day as a Roman and really appreciate what life would have been like.



In English we will explore and compare legends. We will read the interactive texts and watch a film, understanding plots and features of legends then recalling and retelling main events. We will then use drama to explore characters and dilemmas. With our peers we will discuss punctuation and learn how to write dialogue. We will plan, edit and write our own legends, following a familiar structure.

Later in the term we will explore the Big Question: Where would you like to live? We will read the interactive eBook, retrieving and collating information about different countries and identifying the similarities and differences between the lives of children around the world. We will continue to apply our skills on how to present information using paragraphs and headings. In big writing we will compose a report in response to the Big Question.



In mathematics we will be working on two main areas of maths:


  • Recognise and use fractions as numbers: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators.
  • Recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators.
  • Count up and down in tenths.
  • Recognise that tenths arise from dividing an object into 10 equal parts and in dividing one-digit numbers or quantities by 10



  • Tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals, 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.
  • Estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute.
  • Record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours.
  • Use vocabulary such as o’clock, am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight.
  • Know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year.
  • Compare durations of events



In RE we are studying a unit on Christianity; we look at the big question ‘What kind of a world did Jesus want?’ We will explore the ‘Gospel’ which tells the story of the life and teaching of Jesus, we will make links between Jesus’s disciples and how Christians today try to follow Jesus, we will look at how Christians try to show love to all including how members of the clergy follow Jesus’ teaching and we will be encouraged to express our own thoughts and  ideas on the importance of love and life in the world today and how this fits into our lives now.


Creative Curriculum (Topic):

We are brave, powerful warriors, and we will meet in battle! This half term, we’ll divide into two warring groups: the Celts and the Romans. In our battle games, who will be victorious? We’ll research Celtic and Roman warriors and write soliloquies as soldiers. Using different source materials, we’ll investigate the Roman Empire and read Roman numerals. The Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca, will inspire us to create stories, models and artwork. Using maps, globes and information books, we’ll compare Britain (the home of the Celts) and Rome (the home of the Romans). At the end of the topic, we’ll reflect on what the Romans did for us. We’ll become archaeologists, examining and sorting artefacts.

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