Learning in Year 3 this half term:


We are very excited to be linking our curriculum across the subjects.



In English we will be writing an adventure story. We will be looking at character and setting initially as we explore how to describe. We are basing our adventure in stone age times so this links with our topic. Over the next few weeks we will be reading Stig of the Dump, watching scenes from the BBC version of Stig of the Dump (these are available on you tube if you wish to watch at home) and discussing and sharing our characters and stories. As always we will be writing, editing, peer marking and doing our extended write at the end of each area of writing theme.



This half term we have linked in with year 4 to discover ” Tribal Tales” -we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The children have already started to ask questions and it will be the children’s curiosity that will guide us through topic. Areas that we will cover are settlement development; the transition from nomad to settlement; day to day life- the hunter gathering, making clothes; art such as cave paintings.  In science, we have been really lucky to have a fantastic gardener (thank-you Mrs Wilson) who has developed our flower/ vegetable/ herb beds. This has given us a rich opportunity to really explore plant cycles.  Science will focus on dissection of some of the plants (we have tomatoes and beans), children will harvest, photograph, draw and label and discuss new words such as germination, fertilisation, crops . Hopefully they won’t use them all because the tomatoes are very tasty.



We have a very exciting new maths scheme that will help children really embed their learning. This term we will be looking at place value up to 1000, comparing and ordering numbers, practising our time tables- lots of practising our time tables, counting in 4, 8, 50’s, number patterns, addition and subtraction and multiplication. Children are building on the skills they developed in previous years.



In RE, we will be considering the key question “What do Christians learn from the creation story?” Also throughout the term, we will be thinking about what it means to belong to the school community. The children discussed this, this week and remembered our ethos of in the light of god, we care, we share, we laugh, we learn.  We watched a short inspirational video at the start of term 20 things we should say more often supports this theme of belonging. The year 3 children could relate this video- ask them about it. They particularly liked #5.



Our focus this half term will be on catching skills, overarm, underarm, precision throwing and effective hand eye coordination will all be aspects to the skill lesson followed by participating in a game or activity the next lesson. We will encourage an effective warm up before each lesson. Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday.

Handwriting and spelling will feature daily.

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Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Griffin

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