Learning in Year 3 this half term


Our mountains are disappearing into the mist and it’s hotting up for our new topic, as we will be studying volcanoes, as part of ‘Tremors’. I would like to thank all the children and their families who actively contributed to our learning through homework challenges and providing their time.

Children have worked very hard across the curriculum and they appear to be lapping up and sharing their increasing knowledge. They are certainly enthusiastic and a pleasure to teach.



We are working hard to master cursive writing with handwriting and presentation being high on the agenda.

We will be revisiting some of the skills we covered in the first term to consolidate these. Word classes such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs need to be identified readily in our writing and grammar lessons. Regular understanding checks take place interwoven in the lessons to try and embed the understanding of these word classes. Children are getting use to the terminology of punctuation.

Extended writes are a regular feature within English and year 3 will produce at least 2 extended writes in the next half term. One will relate to our topic theme and one will be generated by the children’s interest. We will hopefully be creating our own newspaper. Spellings, we continue with our spelling review. Please encourage children to practise these at home it makes a difference and improves the vocabulary of their writing.



Our main text this half term will be the Firework Maker’s Daughter.



We continue to progress with our maths no problem scheme. Children have been looking at division recently and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Children will progress to 2-digit multiplication and division. We have been developing a strong understanding of the importance of sentences when explaining our answers, as oppose to one-word answer. Also for children to explain how many groups and how many in groups. Children should still be practising their times tables, 3, 4 8 as well as the classic 2, 5 and 10.



Our focus this term will be on the question What kind of World Did Jesus want?

This will open up lots of discussion and consideration for year 3. We will create our own class manifesto as a template to see what concepts we might be able to adhere to. We are already gathering stamps to support charity. I wonder what ideas the children will come up with.

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