Learning in Year 5 this half term:


Our main topic this half term is titled, ‘Time Travellers’ and focuses on the one of the most important things in life...time! Throughout this topic we will explore a how our body, face and brains change. We’ll meet people from different generations to find out what life was like in the past and we’ll predict how things might change in the future. Focusing particularly on technology, we’ll visit Bradford Media Museum and get a close look at how quickly things have changed!


We’ll write adventure stories about the fascinating subject of time travel using the excellent Tom’s Midnight Garden as out class text. We’ll also create clock artwork based on the style of Salvador Dali. At the end topic, we’ll make collages to represent our hopes and dreams and create an electronic time capsule that represents life in the present day.


Time stops for no man – not even us!



As mentioned, in writing we begin exploring a range of narrative text types. We will continue to develop our writing, perfecting a number of key grammar objectives and continue to showcase the writing skills we have developed across the year. There will also be a big focus on proof reading and editing throughout the half term.


In our reading sessions, we will read Tom’s Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce; taking our time to show fluent reading, good understanding and develop our existing reading skills including: summarising, inferring, predicting and recognising (and tackling) meaning breakdowns.



In maths, we will be learning about different units of measurement, which includes converting measurements and volume. Following on from this, we will learn about various key areas of geometry, such as using protractors, angles within shapes and translation.



In science, we will look being our sex and relationship education (SRE), which also coincides with our ‘Time Travellers’ and focuses on human development over time. We will also study the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. Finally, linking well with our Maths, we’ll take accurate measurements using scientific equipment and repeat if necessary; taking into account fair testing.



The main religion we will be continue to focus on this half term is ‘Islam’, with our key question titled, ‘What does it mean for Muslims to follow God?’ There will be a trip to Leeds Grand Mosque to look forward to!



Our topic combines a range of skills and subjects as we consider Time Travel and the impact of time on everything and everyone. There will be links to core subjects such as English, Maths and Science, as well as lots of history, geography and PSHE.

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Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr McCluskey

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