Learning in Year 5 this half term:


Our main topic this half term is titled, ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’ and focuses on the key events across the 14th century. Throughout this topic we will explore a number of historical, geographical and scientific lines of enquiry. From jousting and studying rats to medieval board games and feasts, there will also be visits from various experts and opportunities for a range of practical activities.



In writing we begin exploring a range of narrative poetry. We will be writing and performing our own poetry throughout this unit of work. As we continue to develop our writing, we will learn about a number of key grammar objectives and continue to showcase the writing skills we have developed across the year.


In our reading sessions, we will read and study various poems; paying particular attention to the word play, themes and use of language. We will also be reading a class book titled, ‘Kiss of Death’ by Malcolm Rose, which links nicely with our forthcoming topic.



In maths, we will be learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. Following on from this, we will learn about various key areas of geometry, such as using protractors, angles within shapes and translation.



In science, we will look at the growth of bacteria and which areas could be prone to contamination. We will find out about the lifecycles of rodents, fleas and bacteria; discussing the similarities and differences between them.  Following on from this, we will observe live rats and compare domestic rats with wild rats. Finally, we explore sensory herbs and understand how and why these were used in the Middle Ages.



The main religion we will be focusing on this half term is ‘Islam’, with our key question titled, ‘What does it mean for Muslims to follow God?’



Our topic combines a range of skills and subjects as we delve deep into the Middle Ages. There will be links to core subjects such as English, Maths and Science, as well as lots of history, geography and DT.

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Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr McCluskey

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