Learning in Year 5 this half term:



Our main topic this half term is titled, ‘Blood Heart’ and focuses on the body’s most vital organ – the heart! We will explore the human circulatory system, measure heart rates, study different blood groups and assess how different lifestyle choices can affect the heart.



In English, we begin the half term by beginning our class book, ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ by Louis Sacher. The first week will focus on a number of key writing skills, as well as adverbials. Following this, we will study the use of commas and embark on a range of different writing genres – a non-chronological report and some poetry!


In our reading sessions, as mentioned, we will be studying, ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’. As ever, we’ll unpick new vocabulary and practise key writing skills: fluency, inference and explain the writers’ choices. We will also work on a new reading skill: summarising.



In maths, we will be completing the fraction elements of the national curriculum, before moving onto studying statistics.



Our topic, ‘Blood Heart’ has a largely scientific focus and during this unit pupils will get the chance to use a range of scientific skills and gain some valuable knowledge. We’ll be measuring pulse rates with data loggers and studying how different conditions affect heart rate. Pupils will also, through scientific investigations, study how blood flows through the circulatory system and they’ll also perform a real animal heart dissection!



We will continue to focus on Christianity, with our key question titled, ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?’.



Our topic combines a range of skills and subjects as we consider the human heart and the circulatory system. There will be links to all subjects.


Topic homework for this half term – see 'Topic Homework' on the right.

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Mr McCluskey

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