Learning in Year 6 this half term:



We will focus on consolidating all the skills we have learnt throughout the year and will create atmospheric settings, intriguing characters and intoxicating story narratives. To kick the term off we will be developing an interest in Shakespeare through a variety of learning opportunities which will also link to our exciting up and coming production.



We will be looking at consolidating our skills in geometry and will specifically look at shape and nets. We will develop our reasoning and problem solving skills applying them to a range of topics we have covered this year. Times tables and sound mental maths skills remain important – we will continue to develop these in class. Your support in this area – by regularly asking your children ad-hoc times tables will help consolidate their knowledge. Even when your child has ‘learnt’ a particular times tables, it is very easy for them to forget.


Later this half term, we will be using technology to help to create some ‘How To Guide videos’ covering all areas of arithmetic which we have looked at this year.



To consolidate and bring to life our learning about Islam, earlier this year, we will be visiting Leeds Grand Mosque. Here children will attend a number of workshops which will cover: The Mosque and its role in the community including the call to prayer; explore the close relationship between Islam and Christianity and Judaism; the five pillars of Islam and an interactive session exploring traditional clothing from around the Muslim world.


Through our big question ‘What kind of King is Jesus?’ we will explain connections between biblical texts and the concept of the Kingdom of God — where God rules in human lives. We will consider possible meanings for biblical texts studied, and compare our ideas with ways in which Christians interpret biblical texts, showing awareness of different interpretations. We will make clear connections between belief in the Kingdom of God and how Christians put their beliefs into practice, for example through receiving and practising forgiveness. Finally, we will identify ideas arising from their study of the Kingdom of God and comment on how far these are helpful or inspiring for the world today, justifying our responses.



We are going to become light experts to help solve a crime! To become light experts, we will need to plan and carry out lots of investigations. We hope to find out how light travels, if coloured shadows exist, how we see things and much, much more. Will we become light experts and solve the crime?


Creative Curriculum (Topic):

We have an interesting topic looming over us, Plague, Pestilence and Princes. The children have already started exploring the career choices of the medieval period, the flagellants, knights, plague doctors and herbalists have proven quite interesting jobs. Some jobs certainly belong in horrible histories - we are sure the children will explain those ones to you in detail. We are designing our own society and the children have created the name of the town Raven-Hucklebury.  To support our understanding of the medieval era, we will be visiting Kirkstall Abbey and taking part in a heritage trail.

Meet Our Staff


Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Marsland

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