Learning in Year 6 this half term: Autumn 1 English: This half term our English writing will be inspired by the Michael Morpurgo novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom. We will be focusing on a range of non-fiction text types including: persuasive arguments; balanced arguments; informal letters and a newspaper report. We will also learn the features of and write a haiku in poetry. Our fiction writing – writing from a character’s point of view and integrating narrative and dialogue – will allow children to continue to embed their skills using a range of sentence openers, using a range of clause types, varying their sentence lengths and creating tension through short sentences, repetition and carefully selected vocabulary. The grammar focus this half term will continue to develop the children’s understanding of the different parts of speech in English and to enable them to make links between them. We will continue to develop our understanding of the use of the prefect perfect verb, subjunctive verb, parenthesis, relative clauses, sentence types and the use if colons, semi-colons and dashes to separate main clauses. The pupils will have the opportunity to, and be encouraged, to use these skills in their writing. Mathematics: We will continue to develop and consolidate children’s new arithmetic skills relating to fractions: adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators; multiplying simple fractions; multiplying mixed numbers by whole number and dividing fractions by whole numbers and finding percentages of an amount. We will then be covering measurement (converting units of metric measurement) the focus of which will be converting units of measurement using fractions and decimals. Pupils begin by converting units of length and distance followed by exploring units of mass, volume and time. We will be embarking on two new topics for year 6: the concepts of ratio and algebra. Underpinning all out maths topics will the opportunity for children to apply their skills to worded problems, reasoning style questions and problem solving. Rapid and accurate recall of all the times tables including the related division facts is vital to help children’s understanding and success in this area of maths. Any support you can give your children with learning their times tables would be brilliant. RE: Our key question for this half term is about the Kingdom of God and specifically ‘what kind of king is Jesus?’ In this topic children will explore the connections between biblical texts and the concept of the Kingdom of God including exploring different possible meanings for the biblical texts studied. Pupils will have the opportunity to make connections between belief in the Kingdom of God and how Christians put their beliefs into practice in different ways, including in worship and in service to the community. We will also relate Christian teachings or beliefs about God’s Kingdom to the issues, problems and opportunities in our own lives and the life of our own communities in the world today, offering insights about whether or not the world could or should learn from Christian ideas. Science: In Science we will be learning about Earth and space and forces. We will be explaining how the Earth and other planets in our solar system move and learning about the moon. We will be investigating the effect of gravity and measuring accurately to explore how craters are formed. Creative Curriculum (Topic): Our main topic this half term is titled, ‘Stargazers’ and focuses on the solar system and outer space! We will explore the different planets, the sun and moon and complete a number of scientific investigations. We will also study famous scientists, before getting creative with various design and technology challenges!

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