Health and Safety Information

The following information is in addition to our Health & Safety Policy which can be found on our Policies & Procedures page under "About Us".

Severe Weather Procedures

In the event of severe weather conditions, or indeed any other emergency, we may need to close the school. We will always make every effort to remain open but do need to consider external factors and the safety of pupils, their families and academy staff. The decision to close the academy due to severe weather can often only be made early in the morning when conditions on and around the site can be assessed by the site superintendent.

In making this decision there is a need to balance the health and safety risks of children and parents making hazardous journeys and the number of staff that can actually get to work, against the loss of a school day.

When a decision is made, we will post a message on the Homepage of our website: Please make sure that you refresh the webpage regularly so that it will register updates we make.

We will also use our texting system to send a message. This will only work if you have registered your current mobile number with the office. On occasions, texting services can struggle to cope with the volume of texts sent on sever weather days and there can be delays here between us sending the text and you receiving it.

You can also listen to the following radio stations:

The above are the quickest ways to find out if our school is closed. Please do not ring the school office unless it is to report an absence as this can tie up the phone lines and prevent staff from updating the academy about their difficulties getting into work.

Closure During the School Day

It is very rare for us to have to close the school during the school day. If this decision was ever to be taken, we would follow the procedure outlined above which includes:

Changing the Homepage of the website
Sending a text
Informing the radio stations
Phoning parents/carers of uncollected children

The decision to close the academy is never an easy one to take and is one that can never please everybody. Please know that it is a decision we never take lightly and is always made on a thorough consideration of all of the factors at that time.

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