In St Chad’s Foundation Stage we get to know our children really well and we find out what interests them and motivates them. We then enhance our learning environment to reflect the needs and interests of our class to encourage and support them meet their next steps. When we observe a group of children who share an interest or fascination we start a project based upon that interest. The children lead the learning, deciding what they would like to find out next. We place a very high value on play, where children get to explore, investigate, problem solve and collaborate in a safe and engaging environment. We aim to create a calm and stimulating learning space with a home away from home feel, where children feel valued and secure.

Learning in Nursery this half term

Spring Term 2 - We look forward to another busy and happy half term…

This half term we will continue helping our new starters to settle in, so we will be encouraging our existing Nursery children to explain the rules, and why it is important to share and to look after our friends. We will be supporting our children to develop their relationships and their friendships, and to look after themselves, each other and our Nursery environment.

In phonics we will be continuing our work on rhyme and alliteration, reading lots of rhyming stories and poems, locating the rhyming words and generating more. We will be looking at words that begin with the same sounds as our name, making silly sentences and we will begin orally blending sounds together to make words. We will also be copying different rhythms, using instruments to show how many syllables are in different words. We will also be introducing (or reintroducing for some children) ‘Bamboo Tamboo’, using it to make and copying rhythms and to accompany our singing.

In maths we will be working on developing our mathematical vocabulary to describe length and height, working on reinforcing counting strategies,developing our understanding of finding different ways of making a number, by splitting it up in different ways to find the numbers inside. We will be using counting songs as a practical way to find 1 more and 1 less and encouraging the children to record their mathematical thinking in different ways, using marks or pictures and developing their confidence explaining their mathematical thinking, using full sentences.

We will be working on asking and answering questions and thinking about question words and how some can generate longer answers as an introduction to open and closed questions. We will be encouraging the children to speak about objects from home that are special and to explain why using a full sentence, using connecting words such as ‘because.’  In talk for writing we will be thinking carefully and talking about the books we read, expressing our likes and dislikes, trying to explain why. We will be making our own story based upon the structure of a story we have learnt. We will make predictions about what might happen next in the books we read, using the title and illustrations to help us make a sensible guess.

We have just started a new project, at the very end of the last half term, as lots of groups of children were making food with our role play resources. We will be developing this, finding out about the children’s own experiences of making food and making our own. As part of this we can look at how materials can change if frozen or if heated, and at solids and liquids and how they are different. A group of children will also be continuing our art project, learning about famous artists and having a go at using different media such as watercolours, clay, oil pastels and sculpture. We will then make wooden frames for a piece of our art, using hacksaws to cut the wood and find different ways of fixing them together.

This half term we will be continuing our children to make marks in all areas of the classroom, for different purposes. We will be encouraging the children to write signs for any displays, to make cards, to draw maps and pictures and to give meaning to their marks by talking about what the marks mean.In our project sessions the children may write shopping lists for our ingredients for the food we make. In our outside classroom the children will be encouraged to move and lift resources, to climb and to jump, developing their physical skills. In our inside classroom we will continue to plan fine motor activities to build up their finger strength and dexterity, supporting a better pencil grip when writing. Those who are ready will work on forming letters correctly,starting in the correct place, tracing them with finger lights in the air, on their friend’s back, on the Perspex table top and on paper. We will continue asking children to use their name cards to write their name on pictures,painting and models, and for those who are ready, to write captions,identifying the key sounds in the words they wish to write.

In our outside classroom we will continue developing our physical skills using tools such as hammers, hacksaws and peelers, thinking about how to use them safely and explaining this to our friends. We will have a focus on ice, using hand drills to make holes, adding food colouring and salt and predicting what might happen and then talking about what we see.

Thank you so much for your continued support, it makes such a difference to your child and to the Nursery Team. A huge thank you too for the contributions to your child’s learning journey on Tapestry. We love hearing about all the wonderful things you do at home with your children and the many learning experiences that happen at home. It really allows us to build up a profile of the whole child as well as providing a great opportunity for your children to talk about their experiences.

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