In St Chad’s Foundation Stage we get to know our children really well and we find out what interests them and motivates them. We then enhance our learning environment to reflect the needs and interests of our class to encourage and support them meet their next steps. When we observe a group of children who share an interest or fascination we start a project based upon that interest. The children lead the learning, deciding what they would like to find out next. We place a very high value on play, where children get to explore, investigate, problem solve and collaborate in a safe and engaging environment. We aim to create a calm and stimulating learning space with a home away from home feel, where children feel valued and secure.

Learning in Nursery in the Autumn term

We look forward to the beginning of a busy and happy first half term…

This half term we will be welcoming lots of new children into Nursery. We will support them with learning new routines, help them develop confidence making friends and building relationships with the staff inNursery too. We will encourage them to increase their independence, selecting resources for themselves and making decisions about where they will play. This also provides a great opportunity for the Nursery children who were with us last year to act as role models, teaching our new starters the rules and routines and helping them find their feet!

In this first term our primary focus is on the prime areas of learning, We plan playful activities and enhance our areas of provision to encourage children to play cooperatively, to build relationships with one another and work on skills such as listening and turn taking.

We will encourage children to talk about what they are doing as they play, and we model more extended sentences to help them develop their speech and vocabulary. We will encourage the children to ask and answer questions, in areas of provision and during carpet sessions helping them become more articulate learners who are beginning to express their own opinions.  

In order to help develop a comfortable and efficient pencil grip, the children need lots of physical experiences to firstly develop their gross motor skills and then their fine motor skills. This half term we will be challenging the children in our outside classroom to move in different ways, to climb and to jump, and to lift and carry equipment to develop their upper body skills and to improve their balance and coordination.We will provide lots of opportunities to make marks both in our inside and outside classrooms. We will begin some forest school sessions, teaching the children to use hand drills safely.

We will read lots of stories, working on listening skills and encouraging the children to say what they like about the stories. We will encourage our children to tell their own stories and we will write them in a special story book.

In phonics we will be thinking about the sounds we can hear around us and discriminating one sound from another in listening games. We will describe and play different percussion instruments and talk about the sounds they make. We will listen to and copy simple rhythms.

In math sessions we will sing number songs that go forwards and backwards. We will count how many children are in Nursery each day, stopping at certain numbers and showing how many on our fingers. We willl ook at different objects and talk about how they are the same and how they are different, encouraging the children to use sentences to describe what they see.

In RE we will think about our school mission statement of ‘We Care, We Share, We Laugh, We Learn’ and thinks about what that means to us in Nursery. We will talk about when we might see this during everyday at Nursery and celebrate the children who demonstrate this.

We look forward to getting to know our new children and families and to beginning your child’s journey at St Chad’s!

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