Learning in Reception this half term

In St Chad’s Foundation Stage we get to know our children really well and we find out what interests them and motivates them. We then enhance our learning environment to reflect the needs and interests of our class to encourage and support them meet their next steps. When we observe a group of children who share an interest or fascination we start a project based upon that interest. The children lead the learning, deciding what they would like to find out next. We place a very high value on play, where children get to explore, investigate, problem solve and collaborate in a safe and engaging environment. We aim to create a calm and stimulating learning space with a home away from home feel, where children feel valued and secure.

Our focus in Reception this half term is on getting to know our new class and helping them settle in their new environment. We believe that in order to learn best children need to feel safe and secure, and their wellbeing is our key focus. We spend time playing with all the children, supporting themas they learn new routines and build relationships with staff and their peers. 

In phonics we spend the first half term introducing new sounds from Phase Two of Letters and Sounds. Children learn to read and write each new sound. They blend sounds together to read words and segment words into individual sounds to write them. Our phonics lessons are active and fun. As children play in the continuous provision in the classroom they are able to embed their new skills while following their own interests.

In maths we follow a mastery curriculum, ensuring that children have a solid understanding of numbers and the number system. In our first half term we will learn about numbers one, two and three. By focussing on smaller numbers we can ensure that children’s early counting skills are embedded while introducing more complex skills such calculating and problem solving. Children are encouraged from the start to explain their reasoning, for example talking about how they solved a particular problem.

We really value outdoor learning in Reception. Working on a larger scale outdoors supports children to develop their gross and fine motor skills, which are essential as they learn to hold a pencil correctly to write and draw. Children access our outdoor classroom everyday, providing them with the opportunity to embed and develop skills and knowledge across all areas of learning. They experience changes in their environment throughout the seasons, noticing and wondering about the world around them. This half term we will use loose materials such as crates, building blocks and tyres to create structures, supporting children’s physical development as well as developing imaginative play while working alongside others.

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