Year 4

Learning in Year 4 this half term:


In maths this half term pupils will learn how to interpret picture graphs and bar graphs. They will be introduced to line graphs and how they are used to measure change over time.They will interpret line graphs and use information collated in a table to draw a line graph. We will then move onto fractions; pupils will be introduced to hundredths and they will learn about mixed number fractions and improper fractions. They will learn how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. They will learn how to add and subtract fractions and will solve addition and subtraction word problems.


We will be linking our Topic of ‘Gods and Mortals’ to our English work this half term. We will start by exploring different descriptive language such as expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors to help us to create a vivid image of a mythical creature. We will also look at parenthesis such as the use of ‘brackets’ to help us to add additional information. We will then use our mythical creature in our narrative writing when we will write about the 13th task of Hercules. We will use mountain maps to help us to effectively plot our narrative. We will also be looking at the use of apostrophes and the use of the present perfect tense.  


This half term, we will discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes in our Topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. We will explore the terrains of Greece, where in pure blue skies, the sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortune of Icarus and Daedalus. We will also find a mysterious box, will we, like Pandora, be tempted to open it?


We will be looking into the Christian notion of ‘Salvation’. We will look closely at the Easter story and think about why Christians call it ‘Good Friday’.  


We will be looking at light this half term. We will reflect on what we already know about light before exploring different light sources, how shadows are created and what objects and materials allow light to be shined through. We will then conduct an experiment to find patterns in the way the size of shadows change.

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Miss. Hirlam - Year 4 Class Teacher

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