Year 6

Learning in Year 6 this half term:


Our main topic this half term is titled,‘Blood Heart’ and focuses on the body’s most vital organ – the heart! We will explore the human circulatory system, measure heart rates, study different blood groups and assess how different lifestyle choices can affect the heart.


This half term our English we will be finishing our text by the Michael Morpurgo - Kensuke’s Kingdom. This will continue to be the inspiration for some of our writing. We will be writing from a character’s viewpoint,writing an informal letter and a newspaper report.

Our trip to the Opera will also provide a stimulus for our writing: retelling the story and using a range of skills including using a range of clause types, varying their sentence lengths and creating tension through short sentences, repetition and carefully selected vocabulary. The children will develop their ability to describe characters and settings choosing a character and scene of their choice from the Opera.

We will continue to develop our understanding of the use different verb types (progressive, present prefect,subjunctive form and passive voice) and, in particular, the different levels of formality this can create in our writing. We will consolidate our grammar skills and continue to encourage children to think about when, how and why they might use these grammar skills in their writing. For example, the pupils will continue to be encouraged to think about writing using a range of sentence types; a range of punctuation(e.g. colons, semi-colons and dashes to separate main clauses) and to add detail to their sentences through the use of relative clauses, including expanded noun phrases, prepositional and adverbial phrases.


We will continue to develop and consolidate children’s arithmetic skills including long multiplication, long division, working with fractions and decimals and finding percentages of an amount. The children will be encouraged to consider using the most efficient strategy for each question. This will include deciding when to use a mental method.

We will be using our problem solving skills and knowledge of angles and shape to find missing angles in triangles,on a straight line, around a point, in a quadrilateral and in any regular polygon.

The children will also spend time deepening their understanding of decimals and using a range of skills to multiply and divide with decimals. The pupils will be making links with fractions and percentages.

Underpinning all out maths topics will the opportunity for children to apply their skills to worded problems,reasoning style questions and problem solving.

Rapid and accurate recall of all the times tables including the related division facts is vital to help children’s understanding and success in this area of maths. Please encourage your child to know by rote the times tables and related division facts for all tables up to the 12x tables. Times Table Rockstar provides a great resource for this.


Our topic, ‘Blood Heart’ has a largely scientific focus and during this unit pupils will get the chance to use a range of scientific skills and gain some valuable knowledge. We’ll be measuring pulse rates in PE and studying how different conditions affect heart rate. Pupils will also, through scientific investigations, study how blood flows through the circulatory system and they’ll also perform a real animal heart dissection!


We will be moving away from studying Christianity this half term and extending the pupils understanding of the Islamic religion. We will be focusing on what it means to make a commitment to a faith and exploring how Muslims show their commitment to God.


Our topic combines a range of skills and subjects as we consider the human heart and the circulatory system. There will be links to all subjects.

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