Year 3 Royal Armouries Trip: Romans Vs Celts

Excitement filled the air as the Year 3 students of St. Chad's Primary School embarked on a thrilling journey through time during their recent trip to the Royal Armouries on Thursday, January 25th. The young explorers immersed themselves in the rich history of the Romans and Celts, experiencing firsthand the clash of civilizations and the legendary tales that unfolded within the hallowed halls of the museum.

The adventure kicked off at the awe-inspiring Hall of Steel, where the students were greeted by their guide, setting the stage for an unforgettable day. Hedley, a bright Year 3 student, shared his impressions, "On my school trip to the Royal Armouries, we met our guide at the Hall of Steel. The hall is very tall, and we split up into groups to fill in a booklet about a lazy Roman who gave us tasks."

The museum offered a treasure trove of historical artifacts, with intricate weapons and fascinating displays that transported the students back in time. Rosie, another enthusiastic Year 3 student, couldn't contain her excitement, "The trip was fun! We went into a big room with an intricate set of weapons, including swords and a big gold picture with a unicorn and a lion on it. The Gladiator section was my favorite, with heavy-looking swords adorned with patterns."

After a satisfying lunch, the students descended into a large room, joined by another school, where the real magic happened. Hedley continued, "We walked down the stairs into a big room. We got training from a Celt called Banna and a Roman called Titus." The immersive experience included training sessions, allowing the students to step into the shoes of both Romans and Celts.

"The Trip was fun. We were trained by a Roman soldier and a Celt! We had fun in the different rooms and had special blue paint," Rosie added, highlighting the interactive and engaging nature of the day.

The Year 3 students left the Royal Armouries with a newfound appreciation for history and a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between the Romans and Celts. As they returned to St. Chad's Primary School, the echoes of laughter, shared stories, and the vibrant blue paint on their hands served as souvenirs from a day filled with adventure and discovery.

Children not only had a blast but also gained valuable insights into the fascinating world of ancient civilizations. St. Chad's Primary School continues to provide immersive and educational experiences, ensuring that learning is not just confined to the classroom but extends into exciting real-world adventures.